2nd Quarter Focus

2nd Quarter Focus

Focus – a little word with amazing power.

We are already in the 2nd quarter of the year and some are wondering where the time has gone. We seem to be lagging behind on our business goals for the 1st quarter and before we know it we will be halfway through the year! As much as we can shift blame to the fact that the 1st quarter is slow, some of our issues have nothing to do with external business factors. Sometimes it is a simple as a lack ofFOCUS

A year ago I read a book called “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, about, doing one thing at a time! When working with my clients, we talk about working smarter, not harder. And this is what happens when we use the power of focus.

But what’s the secret to focusing when there are so many things out there grabbing your attention?

F – Forget things that don’t matter

Don’t waste your life on the small stuff that doesn’t matter! There will always be things on your goal/ desire/to-do list that don’t really need doing. They are those ‘maybe one day jobs’. As you look at your ‘To Do’ list ask yourself, “Will it matter in 1 week, 1 month, 1 year’s time if I don’t do this?” If the answer is ‘no’, then take it off your list.

Remember all the time you’re doing the things that don’t really matter, you could be doing work that increases your networth.

Tip: Does it have to be done by you? Can it be ditched, delayed or delegated? These time-saving questions can be the difference between getting the important stuff done – and not.

O – One thing

Focus on ONE thing. We’re generally not very good at this. We have lots of different things on the go and don’t focus on any of them very well. Instead choose ONE thing to work on and see it through to completion, before moving onto the next shiny object.

The shift to doing only one thing has made an enormous difference to my business. Was it easy? Absolutely not, I have to constantly refocus myself (you’ll often hear me tutting at my desk when I notice I’m getting distracted!). But I keep at it because it’s worth it.

Tip: I recommend you turn off notifications, put your WhatsApp on mute and sign out of different apps to pull it off, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll feel clear and calm about what you’re doing, and each time that task you’re working on gets your undivided attention, you’ll do a better job of it – and probably complete it faster too!

Focus, focus, focus – ONE single task at a time!

C – Clarity

Get absolutely crystal clear on what you want to achieve in your work or business.

It’s easy to think, “I already have a plan”, but what I see is that the plan is often not clear enough. This lack of clarity is what leads us to sit down at our desk and get distracted. A plan should be well enough defined so that when you sit down at your desk, you KNOW what to work on first.

I plan my time now in 3-month blocks, and because of that I’ve had to become super-duper clear on what I’m doing or it won’t happen. I use the fabulousCrossing Boundaries 3-Month Business Plan so that I have clear action steps on what I need to do on a daily basis. (you can email me to purchase a copy)

If you don’t have a plan, then do some brainstorming and get it!

U- Unsubscribe and Ungroup

Unsubscribe from things that don’t support growth in your business, whether it’s following too many people on Facebook, being in too many groups on LinkedIn, on too many mailing lists etc.

Give yourself the space to focus. Make the time you spend online quality time so that you can focus.

One mistake I see a lot of my clients make is trying to be in too many online groups at a time – and after a while, they get overwhelmed. While it seems good for being visible, it’s not about being everywhere to get your business seen but to spend quality time connecting with people. Much better to spend time in 3 -5 groups, really engage in those groups and get noticed.

S – Serve

Make your goal service. Remember that “Focus” means you have more time to serve your wonderful team and clients.

We may think we’re wired to do lots of different jobs at once, but the opposite is actually true. Focus makes us happier and less stressed. Focus also means we get more done, and we get to do more of what matters 

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