Business Etiquette & Grooming

Do you know how people get attracted to those with good behavior?


Professional business behaviour is important and could be the reason you win or lose in the corporate world.

In this course, we focus on delivering value regarding how delegates can:

  • Learn the importance of good business behaviour
  • Understand the principles of corporate culture
  • Learn how to dress for success and with executive poise
  • Understand the art of fine dining
  • Charisma 101: The power of the smile and the handshake
  • Gain insight on how to handle meetings with ease
  • Learn how to make appropriate interaction with co-workers
  • Learn when and how to thank others
  • Travel Etiquette
  • Networking Etiquette

You can be part of of the next class of the Business Etiquette & Grooming course which is held twice a year. If you are ready to register, click the link below.