Customer Service Innovation

Customer Service Innovation

A business will do a better job of providing high-quality goods and services by listening to its employees and by empowering them with opportunities to make a difference…..therefore continuous human capital development is critical regardless of the climate.

For someone who hardly played sport in school, I constantly amaze myself by how I’m inspired by sport. As we exit Customer Service week I think of Serena Williams who has 39 grand slam titles and won the Australian Open when she was 8 weeks pregnant. (If you’ve ever been pregnant you know what a mean feat that is)

She’s known for her accuracy, ‘high-risk play’, plays aggressively and serves aces at critical moments. She isn’t thrown off by variation of circumstances. Like Serena’s playing style, companies today must consistently make bold bets on customer service even in uncertain times.

We are at a point where companies need to aggressively innovate their customer service. Companies that do this will ultimately win more market share. Even though in Zimbabwe our service fares better in the region there is a huge gaping opportunity when it comes to customer service because most companies are simply terrible at it. These investments would require companies to make bold, risky moves and serve like Serena,  in uncertain times.

Today it is too easy to be replicated, to be ripped off — for brands not to continue to evolve and move the needle with transformative growth, register your team for our upcoming 2-day Profits Through Service Workshop and get your Customer Service and Selling Skills upgraded to international best practices.

If Serena can win the Aussie Open in her 1st trimester, you cannot even use our current climate as an excuse to scale down on training, take the risk and serve an ace like Serena!!

Date:             1-2 November 2017

Venue:           Rainbow Towers Hotel

Investment:    $ $200 ($120 for  1 day)

A must attend 2 day Customer Service and Selling Skills Seminar


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