‘I AM BOLT!’ A Champion is Still a Champion Even When He Loses

‘I AM BOLT!’ A Champion is Still a Champion Even When He Loses

A winner’s DNA remains with them till they return to dust….
As much as I believe that I couldn’t ignore the pit in my stomach let alone the heartache at daybreak. Usain, Usain, Usain, thou wilt always be the greatest!

He has been fighting injuries and chronic conditions throughout his career (scoliosis held him back in his early years). Even while nursing back problems and having a shaky finish in the first round we all hoped he would bow out a winner and so did he. Alas, it was not to be, he was beaten to it by a seemingly undeserving opponent who has been on the ban twice for doping!

So many times in life after we have poured our all at parenting, relationships, career and business an undeserving opponent blindsides us at our weakest point and takes over to enjoy the sweat, tears and blood we would have poured in. Dejected we put our tails between our legs and take the walk of shame as the two cent opinions of friends and foes crowds our weary minds and further burderns our broken heart. Am sure we know how it feels to loose a loved one, a child, a job, a business or a relationship especially when you have been at the helm, working hard, receiving accolades and succeeding… A BOLT in your sphere… Very few survive this and most vanish into oblivion.

Survivers like you and I, as I observed yesterday have the BOLT gene. A rare peerless, unmatched gene, that causes you even after defeat to walk over, hug and congratulate you opponent and then say, “I’ve proved to the world I’m one of the greatest athletes, I don’t think this changes anything. I’ve done my part as an athlete, to uplift the sport and show it’s getting better. I can’t be too disappointed. I did my best. It’s hard to be sad with the energy that the crowd was giving me. They stayed and they shouted and they cheered.”

Despite going down in history as the man who toppled Usain, Gatlin does not have, has never had and will never have the BOLT gene. If he had, he would have not been banned for doping. This gene is the ability to develop a gift in an unrelentingly inspiring way coupled with confidence, self belief and hard work.

Mark my words this is not the end of Usain, this is infact an incredible beginning of a great era because as long as the BOLT gene resides in him, he will excel and still be peerless and unmatched at anything he put his hand to. Because you and I also have the BOLT gene, we are set for greater heights despite current economic, social, politcial, business, career and relationship set backs, we only need to say, ‘I’m still the greatest, I don’t think this setback changes anything!’

Sit tight as I send you more insights on the BOLT gene..

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