Money Habitudes

Do you know the role money plays in your life?

Money Habitudes is a game-like tool that helps people talk about the difficult topic of money—and do it in a fun, nonjudgmental and constructive way. Using the cards builds trust and rapport and shows people how their habits and attitudes—habitudes—related to money affect how,why and when they spend, save, give, invest and go into debt.

This program benefits both employers and employees.

  • Employers are enlightened on their employee’s profiles thus enabling them to reward and motivate them appropriately.
  • Employees will acquire knowledge and wisdom on how to handle their finances better and how to avoid financial pitfalls. This gives them a feeling of being in control of their financial future thus enhancing job satisfaction.
  • Financial institutions can use this program to create products that match their market’s profile,thus increasing their market share.